Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh and you can't ship cupcakes

At least I can't:

Tiffany took this pic when they arrived. :( She said they were tasty though. I am BUMMED. All future cupcake shipments are on hold until I can think of something more clever. At least she saw the "before" pics. See this post for before pics.Also I'm freaked out by how oily they apparently are, they don't taste oily like that. Tiff says it's over 100 degrees there so that's a factor, but it looks like they were just kicked to her house!

If anyone has successfully shipped cupcakes please let me know how.


Elizabeth Royalty said...

oh no! actually... it's kinda funny... i've never shipped cupcakes, and am certainly impressed that you even tried! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you packed them in these:

Certainly not nearly as cute as the box... but they'd prolly get there in better shape! :D

Colleen Schaan said...

Cupcake abuse!!!! Such a tragedy...Rest in Peace poor little things.