Saturday, June 02, 2007

Last night at the stamp store.

Last night was "Demo Night" at the LSS here. It's an awesome cool night. You show up at 7pm, there is light refreshments (there is usually enough that you want to skip dinner honestly) and several demonstrations of the newest products. They show you cool new papers that are in, new stamps, punches (my LSS has all the GIGA punches! or they did last night at least!) inks, whatever is new and cool, they show it to you. They also had all paper, pens (including markers) and stamps 25% off!

The coolest thing I learned last night? A new-to-me way to use my copic and prismacolor markers! They teach a whole class on the things and apparently I'm going to have to take it, but I got this one tip and couldn't keep it from you guys.

Take a piece of plexiboard (any hard glossy type thing, glass, a cd case) and scribble a bit of a darker shade on it. Then color your image with a lighter shade of the same color, for shadows pick up a bit of the darker with your lighter marker and add shadow, you end up with a bit in between color, but it fades out to the lighter as you color so you get the gradiation. I also found you can pick up color with your blender marker and get a much lighter value that fades to nothing. :)

Honestly, shopping isn't one of MY favorite things, but these stamps by My Favorite Things are too cute for words. I've admired this line and last night they had them right at my LSS. And at 25% off and no shipping I finally caved to the call of MFT!
I came right home and made this card.

I colored with my copics I bought at the demo night. (My store has them for just $3.99 then they were 25% off last night so that's the best price EVER I got a handful of course! I was bummed to get home and see that I should have gotten two different greens, but what can a girl do?)

can you tell that the blue scallop layer is 4 different mega scallop punches? LOVE that you can combine them and stuff. Also I pulled out the paper crimper, I haven't used that in a while.

See the shadow with gray around the girls. I really like that look. For this I used the Cool Gray 1 marker. I had the Cool Gray 3 but it was too dark. I'm talking about copics this time. :)

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Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy) said...

Erin, you lucky girl!!! Copics AND MFT stamps all in one store!!! AND on sale ~~ I'm so jealous! I'm glad you're getting to learn some stuff with the Copics ~~ they are SO fun!