Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cupcake and Cat Attack.

Cupcakes are HOT right now! I actually thought I was being original when a few weeks back I started getting into them, but I was WRONG! I'm a day late AGAIN! heehee
This little girl is also late! Late for cupcakes. Poor thing. Don't you just want to give her one?
she's colored with prismacolor and copic markers. I outlined her with a very light gray marker. To get the extra super duper jumbo scalloped border I layered 4 mega scalloped squares. The rest is pretty simple. The girl and the phrase are two seperate stamps.

I stamped the window, actually it's this ADORABLE window with three cats looking out, I don't have a plain window (can you say next order?) so I stamped it with the cats then cut them out. I wanted it cut out anyhow so that worked fine. Then I did the grass and stuck that cat in the grass. I didn't mask or anything but I think it looks pretty ok even without. The idea of cutting tiny masks of those blades of grass was more than I could bare. I drew the siding lines on with a pen. Then I stamped the lady and cat inside. I used a stamp a majig to get it in the right spot to show through the window.
Here's a close up of the sneaky outside cat.
Inside view. I drew in the floor line, you know I'm a freak about that.

This ADORABLE stamp is what I started with, of course I'll have to makea card with it as is too!

In other mail I got all my cards back from Rubber Stamper! They didn't want them. :( It's alright, I can use them and send some to other magazines. *SIGH* :)


Jeans inky hugs said...

Erin, Hey I just wanted to let you know just how much I really enjoy your Blog.

Love the stamps that you have been using on these card. The cat ones area great.

Colleen Schaan said... are the queen of "scenes" these are wonderful...very creative! I love 'em!