Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sew Sweet

So I'm doing a challange. Actually Roniece is doing it too. We both recently got the fabulous Go To Sketches book-a-zines. So we are going to each do at least one card with each and every sketch in the book. To keep it even more rediculous I'm going to do mine IN ORDER. I did the first 4 today and will share one. The 5th sketch is a stumper for me. I figure I have 4 days to get to it though right? haha.

Ok today's card uses the Cosmo Cricket Material Girl line. I love, I mean LOVE this line. I'm seriously considering ordering two more sets of the chipboard thingies for it. But be proud of me, I love it so, but I'm not hordeing them at all. I used a ton of chipboard on this card. Adorable right? I have to tell you I'm in love with getting whole cordinating lines and using them together. Maybe not the most creative but it always works and it is so fun.
Look at this side view to see all the layers of chipboard. You could pick any of like 5 dresses for your girl to wear! I can't stand the cuteness!
And Here is the cute inside. Another chipboard in here. I'm trying really hard to make my insides look nice like the outsides.
In Other News:
Today I got all the crap for the goodie bags for S's party. We need to talk. How much food do I need? I said I would serve lunch. So of course more than cake and icecream. I am doing sandwiches, fruit salad, cake, icecream, milk and water. Is that sufficient? I mean my kids would not eat more than that at home. I could get some chips or pretzles too. Originally I was going to do all this stuff like pizza bagels and chicken strips and stuff. But the party is getting expensive. And I'm not trying to spend so much on a kid's party ya know? I know some folks love to do that but not Erin. So is that ok? I was going to a giant tray of sandwiches cut into quarters. A few kinds of meat so they can pick what they like. Oh and the milk and water thing is Stephen's choice. That's all he drinks and he wants his guests to "be healthy". So if you are coming (And if you live in Jacksonville you are invited just email me for details) then that's what you will be drinking. Feel free to smuggle in a soda. ;)
I'm REALLY excited about the Paper Garden Projects team. My first package of stuff is set to ship on Friday. I already know what's in it, so that's EXCITING. I have assignments due right away. Oh that will totally inturrupt the working through the sketch book plan. Unless I can work it into the sketch book of course.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens this is adorable! Love it! Can't wait to see what goodies you are up to with Paper Garden! SMILE!