Thursday, April 01, 2010

New goodies and a new card

I have recently ordered a few things. One was a huge pile of clearance Scarlet Lime stuff: It is a TON of stuff yall. I'm a little overwhelmed by it all. GREAT prices, it was all either grab bags for $10 or past kits for $20. Just there is a TON of it.

And then, lest you think I'm abandoning "cute" I ordered a ton of stuff back in January that was "preorder" stuff that came this week:
Some of this is new CHA release stuff, some of it is stuff that I've wanted for a while and threw into the order for fun. I LOVE all these papers, diecuts, chipboard stickers etc. It took me almost an hour to look through all of this.
Unfortunately I've not used any of it. I'm crazy sick with this pregnancy. I've lost 13lbs in two weeks. And not in any way I'd like to loose 13lbs. (although if I ever again report a double digit weight loss we will celebrate!) I can't eat ANYTHING. I mean half a slice of toast will make me sick. I'm sneaking litterally small bites of food. Half a small pickle, few bites of my kid's popcorn. And the thing is I'm REALLY hungry. I WANT to eat, but my desire not to be painfully sick is stronger. Turns out I'm very pain adverse. At least stomache throw up pain. I can keep fluids down totally fine, so my Dr says it's ok. And should pass soon. My point here is that I've been a bit low on energy and inspiration.
But yesterday I'd had enough with not using stuff. I mean I haven't even properly used my March Scarlet Lime kit! For shame! So I made this card:
Which I really love. :) The "thank you" greeting is by Papertrey and the ribbon I'm not sure who makes it, brown cardstock is Stampin' UP, the rest (print papers and a rub on) are from the March Scarlet Lime kit. Isn't that seahorse super pretty? It was in a print paper and I cut the paper just so it would show like this.
In other news: I closed down my Etsy shop. I had quickly sold one card, that was fun. Then nothing. So I took it all down and the cards will go back in the box of general cards that I pull from for using.
My roof is almost done! It looks AWESOME. I think I've talked enough about it right? The shingles have color variation, reds, grays and blacks. Love it! They are just finishing the ridges and doing the shed today. And clean up. I love my roof company, if you need a roof in my area call Plemmons Roofing. Seriously email me and I'll get you their phone number and everything. LOVE them. Course they did have to take down our dish, so no TV last night. It goes back up today though, so all is well. They were nice about that and saved taking it down for the last moment. So my boys could watch cartoons. haha.
Brian comes home today! And stays home for a few months too! Hugely happier when Brian is in town. All the obvious reasons. I think I'm going to try to get us a sitter Saturday and go see that Alice in Wonderland movie. We need a date. And I'll be all cheap because usually I need movie snacks but I don't eat so no movie snacks. :)

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