Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hi there, love

It's another great morning. I had weird dreams last night, someone broke my leg while I was in labor, and I got a puppy. (in the dream I got a puppy, not in real life) The puppy was really cute. Very fluffy and black and white.

I am sharing more Go To Sketch cards today. This one is stinking adorable. Basicly the sketch allowed for tons of print paper used in a grid type pattern. I cut the accents out of the print paper for the card. The "HI there" is by Papertrey.
This card might be my favorite card I've made for the self challange. I do have ISSUE with the way this is presented in the book though. The sample I followed is by Nina Brackett, she's devistatingly talented. Her sample rocked and inspired me. There are 5 steps it says to Nina's card. Only one of the steps is like, cut windows from paper. Um... It took real geometry based math and tons of time to get these window things to look right. This card took me almost an hour. I honestly don't remember the last time I spent that long on a card. I'm totally down with hour long cards being in magazines but to make it out like they are simple 5 step cards? Sheesh. (This rant is all in good fun, I LOVE me some Papercrafts magazine) The paper here is Love Me Do, the most darling paper collection EVER. And I got to use a ton of it for this card so that makes me happy.
I went ahead and did a fancy inside for this card too. And now we all have Beatles songs stuck in our heads.
In Other News:
I did let S stay home yesterday. I took him in and had him do the morning stuff then took him back home. Made him go back to bed. Then I got really sick. I didn't even eat. Not fair. Still loosing weight. Blah on that. Blizzards are on sale this week, maybe I should get a few and bulk up. (kidding)
I have S home today too though. I had planned to take today off. Or have him take it off, whatever. I slept in, which was great (cept for the broken leg dream). I think I'll hit the gym then take these kids to the new Oceans movie. I hope it's good. I don't go to tons of movies but I'm trying to take the kids to more. How to Train Your Dragon was great. Then maybe the park, not sure if "the baby in the tummy" will get angry and make me sick again, usually I'm good till like noon, then it's a huge mess.


runningonink said...

Your cards are so fun! Sorry S was sick we have been here too! boo hoo! How to Train your Dragon was an awesome movie!

Kristen said...

What a fun group of cards! I hope you aren't sick for too long! It doesn't sound very fun at all!
Love your creations!!!