Thursday, April 15, 2010

I told you I've been working hard.

I have made a TON of cards using Go To Sketches book-a-zine. I'm loving my challange to work through the book. This isn't even all of it. I will be showing you all the cards over the next few weeks. I'm a little head over heels for the new Cosmo Cricket lines, I won't lie to ya. You are seeing a good bit of them here.

Did I tell you my new attitude about papers and embelishments? Every project DESERVES YOUR BEST STUFF. If you are taking the time to make it, then it deserves a few of the jeweled brads you splurged on and have been saving. Those chipboard elements you want to dole out slowly one per project for the next year? Nah! Use a few on one project, it's ok. Your most special paper? USE IT. It's been GREAT for me. Very liberating. And honestly I still have plenty of stuff to use. I'm not missing the stuff at all. And I feel so much better about the money I've spent on it knowing that I'm using it.

Next step: Actually mail cards.

In other news: My other local scrapbook store is closing! I didn't go to this one very much because the one that closed a few months ago was literally less than a mile from here. But with both closed it feels all wrong. And the one that's closing now is HUGE and all the crops I ever peeked in on were packed. :( I actually used to work at this one that's closing. It's a different owner now. Apparently owning a HUGE scrapbook store is expensive. So I have mixed feelings about it. I only went like twice a year and spent about $20 each time. So, although I'm bummed that a local business is closing, I clearly didn't truly value it. It won't change much for me. I do feel bad for friends of mine who loved to crop there, but I've never really loved cropping out of my house. I mean I have, but more to socialize. Roniece brought up that there is really no where to crop now. And it will kind of end the random touching base that I have with local girls. I mean I have my Roniece and Kelly that have become good friends through cropping, I will keep in touch with them and have them here to crop. (I have way more stuff then either of them and they don't have shabby collections either, it's a bit embarrasing) But I can name probably 20 other women that I liked seeing once in a while. Roniece is devistated because she's FAR more social than I am and would make the rounds just to check up on everyone.

I'm still working out. My gym has Kids Klub now but with limited hours. But it means I can work out during the DAY instead of from 9-11. That was killing my sleep. So today my gym didn't have kids klub hours so I was told to try the other location. The bigger, fancy location. The scary huge location. :( I did go. I didn't like it as much at all as my cute little friendly gym. I did get a smoothie so that was fun. Even the kids were like, "It was fun, but even though it's smaller our Kids Klub is more fun" some nonsense about kids not sharing cars or some such garbage. The big gym has way better kids klub hours, tomorrow me and Ethan are going to go in the morning. I'm hopeing it's slower in the AM. Maybe it was so mobbed because it was like 5. OH and totally different machines! I mean different brands, worked differently. It was like I was brand new again! My bike had a cool TV just for me. I watched What Not To Wear. That was fun. I was just overwhelmed. I'm sure everyone is just as friendly as at my other gym but weird. It IS cool though that I can go to either. The big one has classes, Kelly loves them, but I'm scared of classes. Also Kelly is my "skinny friend" and I don't know if I can work out with my skinny friend.


runningonink said...

WOWZERS you have gotten a lot done! Can't wait to see close ups!

I think you are right you have to use what you got! That is why you got it! Not to save and look at it!

You inspire me!

Cinda said...

It's that wild about Crop Shoppe? I was shocked and saddened!!

I miss seeing you and really enjoyed chatting with Roneice the times I saw her - maybe we can go to Michael's sometime to crop? I've never been, but I've received emails that they have crops.....