Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Go To Sketches

It just occured to me: I am doing this Go To Sketches challange to celebrate this awesome book-a-zine. But I hope that Papercrafts doesn't mind me doing it. I'm showing a card from each sketch. You could theoretically just remake the sketches from my cards? I mean I've made changes on them so I guess not. And you'd miss out on all the AWESOME samples in the book. I'm open though, if anyone thinks it's unethical what I'm doing here let me know.

Until then, here are two more sketches. If you are following along I've skipped one. I did NOT skip any, I apparently didn't take a photo of the card I did for that sketch. I'll get right on that.
This Sending You card was for a sketch that was hard for me. But I felt the shape of the medalion stamp echoed the shape of a paper layer on the card, so I used this instead. It's fun to do that with the sketches, make adjustments as you please. The medalion is Stampin' Up! The words are Papertrey.
This "hello" card uses the new SEI Claire line, it's lovely. A ton of faux stitching. This card is an odd size too. Love that. The "hello" is Papertrey, one of those little $5 sets, I've been using it a ton too.

In Other News:
I'm still loosing weight. Which is odd as I'm entering my 2nd trimester now. My Dr wasn't thrilled. I don't know what to say. She really thinks it's not the gym it's that I'm not eating enough. I'm EATING fine, it's that I'm not keeping what I eat down. I can't do anything about that. :( But the baby looks totally fine, growing great, moving a lot, bloodwork is great, so she didn't go on about the weight other than to say she expects to see some gain before my next appointment. (I've lost sense then, so that's going to be even more of a challange.) It's WEIRD as an overwight girl to have this particular problem. WEIRD I tells you. I've lost a good bit, I can see it, my clothes feel different. Usually this would be cause for a celebration. I WANT to enjoy it. But it scares me of course. It's just very weird. At least I AM nice and plump so there is plenty of fat stores my body can tap into I guess?
The gym is going ok. I've had to cut back a bit just because I'm so stinking tired. I still go but no more 2 hour workouts, more like 50 minutes. But it's still good. I'm happy.
Stephen has been having nightmares. They are actually kind of funny when he tells them, but I know something can be really scary in your dreams but not sound scary when you tell it. Poor kid. He's SUPER tired today because he was up all night with them. I'm deciding right now if he should just go back to bed or go to preschool. He votes bed of course.

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TJ said...

LOVE that blue card! Sorry to hear you're still so sick. That's just awful. Maybe they'll hook you up with some Zofran. It will make you very tired but you won't feel sick anymore. That's what they gave me and it worked really well. (((HUGS)))