Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't Be Blue Color Challange

Well, you can be "blue", just don't be sad.

For this month's Fourth Friday (shhh... don't mention its the fifth Friday).... how about a color challenge?

Our challenge to you is to create a project that includes includes these three colors. You can add other colors if you wish - but include at lease a smidgen of each of these 3.

How lovely are those colors? This yarn photo makes my pregnant self want to whip up a blanket. I did whip up a card though!

I used this adorable Wild West Anya stamp and colored her in the colors for the challange. I also used the delightful Anytime Sentiments set. (Which is sold out and I hope it comes back in stock.)
This brings up a point for me. I love all stamps, wood, rubber, clear, whatever. But I've found I really prefer my sentiments to be clear. I have fab sentiments on wood but I rarely use them because it's just so EASY to do them with clear. So there is a tip for you, get a few really fantastic clear sentiment sets.

Also I've been decorating the insides of my cards. Just simply but enough to let a body know that I was thinking of them on the inside too. :)

Ok are you wanting to play along? You totally should because there is a prize! (Actually my first real contact with Paper Garden Projects was doing their challanges, and now I'm on the Design Team. So there you go! I even won a prize once!) In honor of Mother's Day next weekend there is this adorable mother type stamp:

It is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I would totally color them to look like me and Brian and that baby would be the new baby. Yuppers.

You have till midnight (EST) of Friday May 7 to add a comment to the main post on The Paper Garden Projects Blog with link your project. We will draw one random winner for the prize.

The rules are:

It must be a newly created project for this challenge - but feel free to combine this challenge with any other ones out there.

We'd love to see all the art you care to share, but each person will only be entered in the drawing once.

The winner will be drawn randomly and announced the following Saturday.

Best of luck you guys! Oh I wanted to add, if you are new to color challanges, just get as close to the colors as you can. Don't stress if you don't have THIS SHADE of brown or whatever, just use the colors as inspiration.


Alyssa S said...

Such a cute card! You make such a good point about those sentiments too!

Amber said...

Adorable card Erin! And I know exactly what you mean about the yarn. I've just learned to crochet so everytime I look at yarn I'm seeing a new project!

Jennifer said...

Ms. Erin, you KNOW I love your artwork, be it fiber arts or paper/canvas art! I'm also thrilled to read you are expecting a new little one! YIPPEE SKIPPY!!!

Hugs! :)