Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday To me

Not really.

Well sorta. See I have this thing that it's my Birthday from the first present or card I get to the last I get. So today I got my first Birthday present!

And it was a big one too.

My Dad and Sue got me an i thingie. You know... crap.. hold on. An IPod Nano. The skinny cute ones. It's pink. They also got me a stack of the ithingie cards I need to put music on it. I'm hoping I can put the music I already have on it too right? Anyone? You know songs I bought on Amazon last week? I will want those.

So I'm downloading the itunes thing I have to have. It's taking forever. I'm impatient.

Did I mention it's pink? I already ran out and got it an armband and sport headphones, BOTH PINK. GLEEE! I like pink. I like red too and that would have been hot, but I love pink. Actually the green looks fun. But I'd never have found green accessories. :)

I did go to the gym. I was totally stupid. Feel free to call me and yell at me tomorrow. I worked for like 45 minutes and felt GREAT. I knew I should stop. I didn't. I did a few more weights and hopped back on the bike. About five minutes into biking the world just closed down on me. BAM black. I felt it coming so I had put down my book and put my head down. I heard in the blackness, "Are you ok?" "mam?" "I think she's pregnant" "Are you ok" So I forced myself to look up and say, "I'm good, sorry just tired" Then went to kids area and got my kids. Walked next door got a propel and a piece of candy and consumed both. Felt ok and came home. Stupid Stupid Erin. I know I tend to faint and black out. Why didn't I stop when I felt good? :(

But I have a pink Nano! :)

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K Hutchinson said...

WOO HOO! Congrats on the pink nano! Take care of yourself!