Friday, April 23, 2010

Maybe later

You guys I do have cards.

But last night was horrible. I'm still VERY sick with this baby. Last night was the worst yet. I didn't get any sleep, just threw up all night. I'm happy to share all kinds of horrible details if you'd like. Just email me for the whole story. I will share that my prenatal vitamin had dissolved and tastes HORRIBLE later. Like I cried for almost an hour over the horribleness. Brian almost cried just to see me this sick.

So. I might post later? I might not. I'm going to try to rest.

Otherwise things are great. I'm participating in a fun blog hop tomorrow morning. (so I'll have to post or the hoppers will say, "what's this about throwing up? I came to see cards!") I actually did a scrapbook page for the hop! With the famed Roniece, so you will all get to see her!

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