Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Way too long

This simple card is fun because it combines stamps from three of my favorite companies. The leaf image is by Stampin' Up, the greeting is Papertrey Ink's Big Bold Wishes and the bottom part is a backgrounder stamp by Cornish Heritage Farms. The whole thing is easy goes to peasy.

In Other News:
  • I found out yesterday one of my closest friends is moving to BOSNIA. BOSNIA people. That's not a quick trip to visit. It's only for a year then she comes back, and it's a wonderful opportunity for her family, but still. Bosnia...
  • One of my other good friends is seriously considering moving to Germany.
  • Roniece, if you leave town I won't be able to take it.
  • Stephen got a pet rat yesterday. I think he's naming it Victor, he has until bedtime today to decide. It's a dumbo rat, so it has cute huge ears. He took photos of it yesterday and will be uploading and blogging them himself on the Kellogg Show blog today or tomorrow.
  • Ethan just now walked funny then when I looked at him weird said, "I'm trying to only step on the white squares" All my tile is white... I think I need to mop?


runningonink said...

Very cute! I love this card! Rats are the best pets for kids! Can't wait to see a photo!

Mrs. Fence said...

Love your card! Not a fan of rats, but love your card! :)