Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick update

So we are dealing with a family situation. Brian's grandfather is passing away. It's mostly age. It's totally expected and we are all at peace, but we are also traveling to where he is frequently this week to be around him as much as possible and more importantly, be with Brian's mom and gram. (Papa is totally non responsive and doesn't likely know we are there)

So the point in telling you this is that I have made some painfully adorable cards, but haven't had the daylight to photograph them in! Soon, I promise.

Also I got my Scarlet Lime kit today. OHMYHECK it's as fab as I had dreamed. I don't even know where to start or what is my favorite thing. I think I'm going to LOVE this kit business. Yuppers. I can see myself getting this for a long time to come.

Stephen has a crazy hive situation, so that's taking my time and energy too because when a 4 year old is crazy itchy and uncomfortable that affects the mom in a major way.

I have some really lame song stuck in my head. something about "gonna something till we see the sun light oh oh o oh! oh oh o oh! tick tock some crap" I want to force it out. If they play it at the gym tonight I'm afraid I'll vomit.

What is the nicer way to say that? Vomit, puke, throw up? What's the less icky way to say what I mean?

Did I mention the Scarlet Lime kit? Because I CANNOT stop looking at it. I unpacked it all. Do you think that was smart? I think I won't worry about using it all togther. Feels less new now though...

Ok that's all for now. I have a headache from spending all day bedside.


judy anderson said...

Keep talking with grandpa I've heard hearing is last to go...even if no response from him.

TJ said...

I'm so sorry about Grandpa. :( Hugs and thoughts and prayers to you all.

The believe the word you are looking for is "hurl" or possibly "heave".