Thursday, March 04, 2010

Glittery pink card and more kit talk

First of all I might not post tomorrow. I seem to have the flu. Maybe I just have fatigue and allergies. I can't tell, the point is my body hurts, I have a slight fever and my throat hurts. And it stinks. BLAH on that. I've tried this year to be really good about posting every day or close to it, so please bear with me, with last week being vacation and now this illness. xxoo.

Ok today I have this pink glittery card. It's terribly simple. I have a glitter covered heart, black scalloped layer, pink circle, more black scallop, ribbon and a greeting. I think it's fun sometimes to work in just two colors. :) I'm going to join a kit club. You know, those monthly mail you things kits? I don't need stamps but I like to have fresh papers and stuff to play with. I'm between two. They both look great and there is a HUGE price difference. Of course they are totally different kits.

First up is Taylored Expressions Key Ingredients kit. Here is this month's kit. The kits are all pretty fresh like this. Not always with the black/white thing, usually there are lots of colors. They seem to all have cardstock, print paper, ribbon and embelishment. This kit is just $23.95 a month including shipping. Oh and it comes in a plastic clamshell, I do use those for a lot so that is a bit of value. There is a design team with blogs that feature this kit. They are blogs I already follow and I do like the style of the creations they make. I don't particularly love the Taylored Expressions stamp line, but the stamps are not in the kit... (nothing neg to say about TE stamps, just not my style)

Next is The Scarlet Lime. Here is this month's kit. This kit is always super lush like this. It is a bunch more stuff, the list of ingredients is huge each month. I truly love all the kits in this line, but the price is much higher. It is $38.50 a month for this kit. But I definately like it more. So maybe it's worth the extra cost to get the kit I like more. Also there is a message board, and extensive galleries and such with this kit. This kit feels more grown up to me and I think would be more fun to play with.

The thing is that I have a set amount of craft budget each month, $100. My LSS did close though, so no more popping in to grab the latest. So I'll have to order all my stuff online or get it at craft stores. I'm not thrilled with craft store shopping. Anyhow the SL kit would leave me with less spending money, but maybe I wouldn't need as much with the awesome kit coming it?

Well it sounds like I'm answering my own question. I mean I seem to LOVE the SL kit and like the TE one... Maybe I can get Roniece to get the TE one and we can both enjoy both?

Well if you have any input on this crazy issue let me know. xxoo

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Linzy said...

Well, here's my input...
The TE kit is more then $10 less then the other kit costs. It seems lately that your cards are more simple and streamlined, not a lot of embelishments. So I think the TE kit would fit the bill. Maybe the issue is that this particular month you're not loving the TE kit? I looked at both kits (for the record, I'm not crazy about TE stamps either), personally, for me, the SL kit contained old ladyish looking papers (I'm also not a fan of Jenny Bowlin) and embelishments that I would think would be more suited for scrapbooking. Are you using the kits for just cards or scrapbooking too? I think you just have to ask yourself if the more expensive kit is worth the price difference. I'd rather spend my money on the TE kit and have leftover $$ to spend on trendy embelishments that suit my style... Again, this is just my opinion, you do what you think is right. :) Best of luck in your decision and I hope you feel better soon!