Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A couple of bright cards

So I'm trying to use some papers and such that I've had around. When I saw THIS card on Kristina Werner's blog yesterday I knew I had some bright cheerful papers to do something similar. I like how it turned out. I HATED though using the Stampin Up letter stamps! It's so hard to see what you are doing, I was going for an uneven look and I still had to redo it twice. I already ordered some clear ones to replace these. I might be selling this SU set. UGH.
Then I went on and made this card. Lots of stitching. Love that. Also these colors are just SO BRIGHT. And I love their very brightness on Kraft. Also I love the greeting set by Papertrey. Yummy.
In Other News:
  • I'm feeling MUCH better. Still a bit of tickle in my throat, but not the run down, feverish, painful, hacking, cough. I'm thrilled because I've missed a WEEK of the gym. Gross! I'm going to probably notice some muscle tightening when I get there and mabey some endurance loss. ICK.
  • Also, I cleaned my craft room last night. It was just messy, and also I had taken out one of the tubs of junk in there so I was able to move some things around. I can now actually get at this five shelf thing that I never used because it was stuffed in a corner. I was just using the top shelf of it. Now I have FOUR extra shelves! Fun stuff.
  • I'm still really excited about The Scarlet Lime subscription. I hope I got in time to get this month's kit. I think so because it says if they still have the current kit you will get it. Also I got billed in this month, so I should get it right? Anyhow I'm very excited, I visit it online each and every day. DORK.


shuggy said...

cute cards. hope you are feeling better. you could always use a stamp-a-ma-jig. i love mine!

Mrs. Fence said...

Love, love these cards! Glad you are feeling better. :)

Linzy said...

That Kristina...always the clever one! I really like that stamp set she used. White embossing on vellum = brilliant! Glad you're feeling bettter, EK! Sounds like you made the right decision about he SL kit-glad you're so excited about it! :)