Saturday, March 13, 2010


Here is another card I made using my Scarlet Lime Kit. This stuff is mostly by Memory Makers. The pearl and lace are Kaiser. This cute bird is just a sticker! I've heard that stickers are out, heard it for years actually. Maybe they are back? Maybe I'm getting lazy? I don't know, but lately I'm all about a nice sticker. Oh working out got even more fun! I fixed my MP3 player! I had been using Brian's. His is way nicer than mine, but has boring music on it. Mine has nothing at all on it 'cept my favorite dance type songs. I am by no means a music person, but I like me some club pounding beats when I'm working out. I was thinking about buying myself an MP3 player, or digging out the manual for Brian's and making myself a playlist, but now I'm totally happy! And all for FREE! Apparently mine eats batteries though, so I might still have to figure out how to do a playlist for Brian's.

Also I have been working out on different machines, trying to work ALL my muscles. Full range and all. I found one that works the heck out of my armpits! I mean it works my arms too, but also my pits. I'm not sure that I've ever had any work out there. What does strong armpits do for me?


TJ said...

I got an MP3 player thingy for Christmas. STILL Have not set it up. I'm a loser. I like the sticker. Why are stickers wrong? I'm pretty sure they're right. This one is for sure. Very cute.

Linzy said...

Glad you're enjoying the SL kit, E! My LSS has that same little bird but in a $1 stamp. I don't remember if I bought him or not...I bought a couple of them but I don't remember which ones...obviously I REALLY needed them, huh?! I bought some of those stickers and some of the cord. 4x6 paper too. I'm scrapbooking Mish style now. Sorry to hear about Brian's Papa but it's nice that you were able to spend time with him.