Monday, March 08, 2010

Doll Quilt Swap 8 Received

Ok yall. I think I'm CHARMED when it comes to Doll Quilt Swap. I mean I must qualify that, ALL the quilts in that swap rock and everyone takes the time to make sure what they make is a good fit for their person and all. But AGAIN I think I got the BEST OF THE BUNCH! Look at this beauty! It's by scrapnchick. Here is her photostream on Flickr. Can you tell the little black thing is a sheep? It's aDORABle. Also the quilting is stuff like grass and clouds and smoke coming out of the chimney. Seriously! And the orange blanket that's hanging on the line actually isn't fully attached, it's HANGING ON THE LINE. You can flip it up. How darling is this thing?
And look at this little handmade strawberry pin book she made! And let me tell you I have one and it's got stuff on every page, I totally need one for special needles and special projects. So now I have one! This pic also gives a close up of my fave part of the quilt, the sun, it's a circle of fabric spiral stitched in place. How cute is that??? GET OUTTA TOWN CUTE.
In other news
I seem to be at the tail end of the flu. some coughing, but not all the time. not much really. I plan to get to bed early tonight and let sleep kill the rest of the flu.


Mrs. Fence said...

Wow! What a gorgeous quilt! You scored big time on this one! It's just adorable and so full of personality - like you!

Linzy said...

That is pretty stinkin' cute!