Saturday, March 06, 2010

Just a quickie

I'm so glad I made up that pile of paper flowers. When I want a really quick card BAM it's done. I'm not in "love" with how the "l" on this is so small. I guess its the way it has to be. Anyhow this flower is cute, I made it with vellum and then rubbed a bit of glue on the edges of the leaves then glittered them. Easy goes to peasy.

I know yall have asked for a tutorial on the flowers. I've been seeing them everywhere. You basicly punch a bunch of scallop circles, spray them with a bit of water so they are slightly damp. put a brad through the center, then crumple them up around the brad, one layer at a time till it's all crumpled, then uncrumple it back one layer at a time. I did find a tutorial for you HERE. It's not the one I used, I can't find that one.

Also if you go on splitcoast stampers there is a thread HERE with tons of fun links to these type flowers and many other handmade paper flowers. They range from even easier than these ones to really hard looking ones. And they are all fantastic.

In other news:
still sick. not pleased about it.
I'm not regreting the Scarlet Lime signup. Sometimes after a big or biggish purchase I feel a little sick about it, but not this time. I feel GREAT and excited.


runningonink said...

I do agree about that L- but it is still a very pretty card! LOVE <3

Can't wait to hear what you think once you get the kit! SMILE!

Feel better!

TJ said...

That card is super cute. I like the little l. I adore the flower. It's pink and that's awesome in my world ya know. i love it.