Friday, March 26, 2010

Sewing Inspired Card

I recently got a few stamp sets from a new to me company. Schlosser Design. One of them was this really cool set Hexagon-A-Thon. I have a few ideas for this set that I'm hoping work out. This was my first idea, paper pieceing a hexagon quilt. I love hexagon quilts. Next I want to do one of those hexagon flowers that are common in quilting.

The papers are various makers from my Scarlet Lime kit, cardstock and Get Well Soon sentiment are by Papertrey ink, ink is coffee bean color by Vivid!.

In Other News:
I only threw up once yesterday! It is amazing. It's kinda lame that throwing up "only once" is such exciting news for me, but there you have it. I was able to do some laundry, vacuume, do dishes and make dinner yesterday. It's a banner day for me these past few weeks.

I'm glad to be feeling better. Look what we have coming up:
Tomorrow: Easter Party at church, I'm in charge
Sunday: I give the lesson in Sharing Time in Primary, and we have Ward Conference, so meetings with the Stake people.
Monday-Wednesday: Normal
Thursday: Stephen's Easter party at school.
Friday: Stephen has the day off of school
Saturday - Friday: Stephen has spring break
Saturday: Stephen's birthday party
Sunday: Stephen's actual Birthday

So we are about to enter in a very fun two weeks. I'm glad I'll be able to experience some of it.

Oh you know my orchid? It's buds are blooming, almost one a day. And the original flowers still are stunning. The thing is beautiful.

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Dana (*danavee*) said...

Erin Schlosser is a friend of mine (through Craft Critique and Crafty Con) and is SUCH a sweet, talented girl. Thanks for supporting her!

And I'm glad you threw up only once. Some days that's the best you can hope for!


P.S. I've been meaning to tell you that I got frustrated with your blog when you started doing more quilting, because at the time I was not a quilt kind of girl. NOW, I totally get it! You're like 8 month or so ahead of me in crafting whims, so keep me posted on what you're going to be into next, so I can prepare myself, and my stash, accordingly.