Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This card is beyond simple. I think I got the idea from a go-to-layout? Is that a thing? I can't remember where it came from. Anyhow super easy, chipboard stickers and a stamp. On yummy kraft cardstock.

So want an update on my pregnancy? It's GROSS. I just spent a week throwing up CONSTANTLY. I finally kept down a few cups of water and a small bowl of ceral today. literally all other food for a week has come back. Even all water. I've lost a ton, but I can't see it, so it must be that weird water weight they speak of. For a while I literally thought I'd have to be hospitalized. I couldn't even read blogs properly. Stamps came in the mail and I didn't even care! Shocking! It was all made worse by a simple cold. The post nasal drip would set me off so bad. I was beyond miserable. Today I'm just normal miserable, which is a vast improvement!

So I'm thinking of planning my baby shower in something other than traditional themed stuff. Like not bears or duckies. I'm thinking this. I mean it's very "me" and unique and fun. And I guess this is a factor of having already had two kids but I am sort over baby themed stuff. Oh and for the record I AM HAVING A SHOWER. With Ethan I didn't have one. As in no one threw me one. With Stephen before I got to thinking of it TWO people threw me seperate ones. I sorta thought the world would throw me one with Ethan. But the world was right, I didn't need one. I mean Ethan came so close behind Stephen we didn't even pack stuff up between them, just slid it over into Ethan's section of the closet. But I have NO baby clothes now, no cute stuff at all. I mean I have a crib and a carseat. Plus it's been 4 years, I want a stinking party! So I discussed this with my BFF Roniece and she totally agrees. What do yall think? A shower for your 3rd kid is not totally unreasonable right?


Sew-Ink said...

Very cute!

CharityHand said...

Erin, this card is so cute. I like that Kraft paper you're using. I'm using some from Hobby Lobby and it's a little dark and rough so I'm on the prowl for a different pack!
I had no idea you were pregnant. Congrats!!!

Suzi said...

LOVE this card. Stinkin' Awesome, as usual.

As far as showers go, my SIL had one for all 3 pregnancies. If you have a friend who wants to throw one, GO FOR IT!!! There will be tons of people who will want to come & celebrate this with you! If I was closer, I'd come!!

Anna said...

I had showers for all 3 of mine. For the 3rd, I didn't need much, but our church had one for me and one of my friends who had a baby 10 days after me. It was a Mommy and me shower so people brought a few baby things, and things for the moms, too. Even if you don't need a lot of things showers are a fun reason to get together.