Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bow Chicka Bow Wow!!!

So on Splitcoaststampers there are a bunch of sorta mini groups. People who have found each other and just chat on these different threads. I chat with a lovely bunch of girls who for some reason call ourselves Bow Chicka Bow Wow Chicks (BCBW). I won't tell you why, it's special. (lol) We are having a Secret Sister exchange on that thread. This box will hold my reveal gift. I figure I can show it because by the time she gets it she will know who I am... Cuz I'll tell her right in the box. (maybe she reads my blog and when she sees the box she will know)

Ok, it's one of those adorable Target Dollar Spot mailboxes. The paper is Chatterbox. I cut the little flag thingie with my new nestabilities.

This next thing is neat, it will go in the box. It's a cool folding envelope chain. So you lay all your envelopes open and glue the one flap to the next envelope. Then at the top you are left with a flap, you wrap it all the way around the whole thing after folding it up. I made another today with 6 envelopes and it's really hard to close, this one has just 3 and it's fine to close. I am using sticky back velcro for the closure. I LOVE that stuff for fun projects like this. The metal hearts are just brads from my stash.

for these inside thingies, this is where the envelopes open. I took a scallop oval punch and punched a bit out of the squares I was covering them with so they have an easier reach into them. Also it looks a little cute.
So I stuffed the little pockets with flat goodies, and I'll jam the rest of the box full of cool stuff. (I did try and you cannot fit a handful of copics in there. :(

Oh here is my other tip for these. Sense they are flat on the bottom you can nail them to the wall. Why you ask? Well they are the perfect depth for your colored pencils, markers or whatever. :) I really want to do it, but I have almost no wall space because I'm in a shared room with DH's sports collection and I used my wall space for that card memo board I showed you the other day.

I also got this today! Gotta love the way framingsupplies ships stuff. This is 15 rolls of refil for my ATG. I got the gold 12 rolls, the regular 1 roll and 1 roll of this other kind from the second page that was super cheat at 2.29 for 60 yards. I guess that's just 14 rolls... Dang. I thought I had 15. Oh well. My son Ethan loved stomping on all the bubble wrap stuff!


Heather Grow said...

Very pretty, Erin. I love that pp.

Eleanor said...

Cool mailbox. I bought my ATG from framingsupplies and I order my refills from them, too. They have the best prices.

BeckyB said...

Super cute-I want to join the secret club!

Aunt T said...

Great job Erin. Your secret sister will love it for sure :)


Mandy said...

How beautiful!

Emilia said...

this is so interesting! she will be suprised to get this!

Roniece said...

hey Erin. The mailbox and fold out are really cute. will you be making this into a class? if not, can you put a tutorial on the blog? PRETTY PLEASE!!


Kathi Rerek said...

Adorable. I bet she'll love it.

lakeslady said...

Erin I just adore your mini mailboxes.
They remind me of my first ever visit to the States when my friend in NC and I decorated her full sized mail box. I was fasinated by all the mail boxes at the side of the road, as here in the UK we only have letterboxes (holes in the door that measure about 10 x4 inches)soooooooo boring LOL
Still I least I can pick up my mail in my dressing gown (robe)