Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!


These all goodies are from my good friend Linz. The blue cards are a whole pack of handmade "e" monogram cards she made me! The stamp is a cute bug.

You: But Erin, I have your birthday down in my book as May 9th

Me: That's right!

You: Wow your friend Linz must be really early

Me: yea, you think that ok! teeheehee

*dat's an inside joke, you send me a pile of cupcake and stamp goodies and I'll put a joke that is just for you on my blog too!*

Speaking of giving me gifts, (and what a great topic it is!) I found out who my BCBW SS was. It was Faith. Now let me tell you something, Faith embodied the spirit of the Secret Sister. She paid attention to my posts and figured out things I would love. She got to know me better by doing this and picked perfect stuff. I'm thrilled with the gifts I received, but even more thrilled with the friend I have made. I mean I knew her and we were friends before, but it's deeper now because of the careful attention she paid to me over these few months. I feel loved. It feels nice.

Ok, I'm off to look at my new goodies more.

Would you believe this package came right while I was making pink cupcakes?

ETA: the cupcake stuff came from Target.

And here's pics of my today cupcakes:
*live in the area? come on over, I can't have all these cupcakes in my house with this diet, they are strawberry!*


flipflops4sherri said...

OMG - these are the cutest things!! Please ask Linz where she got those cupcake towels. Especially the one with all the cupcakes on it. It is the cutest and I gotta get one for my kitchen. What a great batch of goodies you got there!! Sherri

Cinda said...

Salivating here now!!!

Wife2TJ said...


Hope you had a wonderful one.

Those cupcakes look so beautifully yummy! -Samantha :-)

Kim Hughes said...

they look like the yummiest cupcakes eva!!

Happy Birthday :)

Julie said...

Your cupcakes look delicious!!

Robyn said...

Yummy!!! I want some!!! They would still be fresh if you sent me some in the mail for my birthday. Don't you want to send those to me????? I know you do!!

What great goodies you got, too!!