Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yesterday I made two cards that were not in my normal cutsie style. Sometimes a girl needs a less cute card.

Thinking of You card was really super simple. It took like 5 minutes to make. The flourish thingie is by Inique Boutique. Their stamps are really cool and super inexpensive! The whole set of these was $3.99! The phrase is by Green Grass Rubber Stamps. I stamped it all with vintage sepia versafine ink then enbossed with copper powder.
there is so much shine on the embossing I took a second pic.
This next one has House Mouse! Now those of you who have known me for 3+ years know that I used to be a FREAK for House Mouse. I had like 50 of their stamps at one point. I have ONE now. And this ain't it either! Back when I was House Mouse Freak I hosted this HUGE opened ended swap. It worked like this, "I have these 50 stamps, if you send me images of ANY ones I don't have I'll send you whatever you ask for in return." There was HUGE interest and for months I got packages of images in the mail. I love that I did it now because I have hundreds of images of House Mouse, but seriously, my friends, do not do an open ended swap like that! It took FOREVER! :)

So anyhow I pulled these cuties out of my giant box of House Mouse images and colored them with my copics. The sky is cool gray 1. I'm going to have to get mine refilled. I believe this is the best color. I use it to add shadow to almost everything. Like the flowers, I only have one shade of golden yellow, so I did the shading with cool gray no. 1. The water, I only had a too bright blue, so I colored it with the blue then went over the whole thing with cool gray 1. I love that color. It's also what I do shadows under stamped images and the outlining effect if I do that. I also used my glossy accents on the rain drops. I love glossy accents. :)
Side note: I don't ever know what to do with these huge HM images. I mean this is cute, but I feel like it's too simple ya know? I think that's why I like simpler line images, seems like there is more cute fun stuff I can do with them.


Jen said...

Love them both!

Debbie said...

I like both of these cards. I know what you mean about the HM cards - the images take up the whole card front and there isn't much else you can do to the card by way of embellishments. I used to think it was too plain, too, but you have to think of the HM image as art and your card just showcases that. Nice work on the coloring.

Jennifer said...

Erin, you 'non-cutesy' card is beautiful! A very lovely card.

Of course I love the HM card. I find that if too much is done in the way of embellishment and layout with the large HM images that it detracts from the image. The images are cute as they are and you've framed this darling images perfectly without too much clutter!

~ Jennifer

Michelle said...

OK, there is absolutely NOTHING simple about the HM card! It is so cute and well coloured and well matted! I LOVE HM but i am colouring challenged.