Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's Bella Time.

I haven't played with bellas in a while. Then my friend Joanne was selling hers and I scooped them up SUPER cheap. You really don't want to know.

So I need some cards and this is what we have:

This pregnant one with the teddy bear is one of my favorites. It came out shortly after I ordered a different pregnant Bella and I tried to convince myself I didn't need TWO pregnant Bellas. But turns out I did!
This one is called PMSabella or PMSbella or something. Anyhow I think she just looks happy and like she's having a good night of "me time" I imagine her DH is out and she's watching American Idol or some other show that is a guilty pleasure. Actually, that's just it, she's the guilty pleasure bella! Course if I had her figure I'd just be pleased standing around doing nothing. There should be a bella that is just looking in the mirror all happy that she's so rocking hot.
I think you can use this car one for anything. I have a friend who has been having car troubles, so this is a pick-me-up for her.

After I took that pic I decided it needed some glossy accents on the car. It is still wet but my baby is going to get up soon so I decided to just take this close up. I'm sure you can imagine what it looks like on the whole card. (But see how it's cloudy in places? that's because it's not all the way dry)
See how I used all the same papers and embelishments on these? I LoVe to do that. Less mess to clean up and they all went super fast.
Oh I went to this large art store her. A local store (It's Redi arts on Hendricks if you live here, you HAVE to check it out). I got 4 copics, to flesh out my collection. They only had expensive ones, not the less expensive caio ones my LSS sells. But I can't wait for anything, so I had to pick them up. 4 markers $25!! OUCH. But they are nice, and they can be refilled and they last a long time anyhow. Besides going in that art store is a treat. They have amazing stuff. :)

All stamps Stamping Bella EXCEPT "Be Happy" is SU and "You're so cool" is Green Grass Rubberstamps.
We all know I don't know who makes the paper, although I LOVE it.
Of note: I have like 3 square inches of red cardstock left. :( It's on my SU order though, so don't worry!


Anonymous said...

Erin, I love what you did with the bellas. All your cards are super cute. I just knew my bellas would love living at your house. TFS

Joanne (tojoco)

Jennifer said...

Erin, I'm not a huge fan of bellas (they are ok) but your cards here have changed my attitude. These cards are THE BEST I've ever seen. I'm serious. Your colors are vibrant and your layouts creative and fun!

WONDERFUL bella cards!
(from a formally disbeliever in bellas) LOL

~ Jennifer :)

Jen said...

Awesome job with the Bellas! I love the shiny car, totally great!

Debbie said...

Hey, Jennifer, I was gonna say that! lol I'm not a fan of bellas but I love these layouts. Extremely clean and professional-looking (whatever that means). I just mean they are crisp and overall cohesive.