Monday, January 07, 2008

Paper piecing tutorial

This tutorial is a special request. (that makes me feel all special) Shanon wanted to know how to handle the detail around her head with the umbrella if you wanted to paper piece it. Turns out there are a few teensy pieces to deal with, but it's really cute so I'm glad she asked.

First stamp it on all the papers you will be using. I didn't end up using the pink, you can't see it here but I used the green part of strip under her feet here on the pink. (I know, that doesn't make sense, but anyhow, no pink)

Next you cut out the pieces you want. See how the umbrella had to be two pieces? Well look closer it's actually four pieces. Down near her hands there are some umbrella parts sticking through. You could do this umbrella in many more pieces too, have the border be different and that little circle thing in the middle. Heck you could do more than one pattern on each panel. But I think four pieces for an umbrella is enough for me. The little thing near the top middle will be her dress in the new green stripe.

Next you color your image. Just color what will show. I like to color before I put the pieces on because if not I tend to get color on the pieces or I can't get all the way to the edge because of the height of the piecing. The layer the pieces back on. I just got a cool glue pen called Quickie Glue Pen that is great for this stuff. I decided to cut the ball thingies off and just color that with black. I may go back and put some glossy accents over them.
Here is a close up of the head area, that's the part Shanon wanted to know specifically.
And here is the finished card. The stamp is by Hanna Stamps and the papers are all Stampin' Up! I colored with copic markers.

Do you know what today is? You don't??? Well let me tell you. It's "Make a Card Monday" on the kwernerdesign blog. Have you been on that blog? Well on Mondays she does a card and has a video of her doing it. It's super fun to watch. So click here and watch a card get made. :)


pescbrico said...

Erin thanks for this tutorial :)

Emilia said...

wow!! the result looks fabulous!! takes time but totally worth it!

Kathi Rerek said...

That's gorgeous!

Jessica said...

Cool, thanks for sharing how you do that!