Monday, January 28, 2008

No more stamping!

I will not be stamping anymore until the danged wall paper in my bathroom is down. Giving it dirty looks is not working.

In other stupid news. Ribbons and Bows Oh My's Shocking Pink satin ribbon, although lovely, is NOT the same color as the awesome pink satin I've been using lately. I find this news, of course, to be devistating, especially as I orderd unspeakable quantities of it. I have sent an email to Johanna asking if she knows where she got the magical pink ribbon. It's the prettiest ribbon ever. I must have several hundred yards. (or at least 50?) This should be in no way a critisism of RABOM, it's not their fault I fell in love with irreplaceable ribbon.

In awesome news, I got my first birthday present of THIS year! So it was only NOT my birthday for like a week. *Have I shared my theory that it's your birthday from the FIRST gift/card you get till the LAST?* Is it your birthday? If not, A Very Merry UnBirthday To You!
In related bad news I'm gonna be 30 when this current birthday is over. (I figure you don't age till it's over right?) POOP.

Well typing on my blog doesn't seem to be removing wallpaper either, so I rekon I'd better get to work.

stupid wallpaper.

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Cat said...

you are SO funny! i agree with your birthday philosophy [sp?]. so, for my unbirtday, i'll be 48! yikes! 30? you've got a long way to go :) good luck with the paper.