Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Step-By-Step... well sorta...

I decided to take pictures of this card as I made it for a fun step-by-step card. But then I got a stinky phone call that ticked me off and ruined my day and when I went back to the card I forgot all about YOU and how I was taking pictures. So some steps are missing. (Side note, if you have anything crappy to tell me please not today)

On to the card!

1. stamp and color your image TWICE. You only have to color the parts that will be on top twice. I stamped on glossy cardstock, I've not used that in a while, and colored with tomobow markers. You do get marker lines with this, I just try to make them as few as possible. Oh and I do color the under layer fully, I might not be as particular about it but I do color it.
2. Trim one the size you want and trim the other out so it is just the part you will pop-dot. (that's what we are doing here) *tip: i like to go around the edges of the cut piece with a black marker, right on the edge of the slice of paper, this makes it look better when you put it back on.
3. Enjoy cute toddler who is checking up on card progress.

***this is when the phone rang errrr***

As you can see, some layering happened and I pretty much finished the card. You attach the cut car with foam tape. I did cut a teensy slice for the top of the car. You can sorta see the effect I was talking about with the black on the edges.
BAM finished card! I'm not sure when I added it but some extra light gray marker shading under the car. What's fun too is you can use any color for that. I mean it should be a light color. (someone I'm sure has done it with a dark color and it looked great too) I used my neglected ribbon whatever punch from SU for the ribbon. I hate that punch I decided. Why not just cut a slit in the paper? Wow I'm in a bad mood. The black layers are glossy cardstock too. I really like that paper, I need to get more.

all stamps are by Gina K, the inside message says "getting lucky means finding your car in the parking lot". I don't know any of the paper supplies they are all from my stash. The non SU section, so I know they are NOT SU.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful card as always! Sorry you got a crummy phone call.

colleen said...

Your card is uber adorable! I sure hope the news wasn't bad...just a pesky telemarketer....grrrrr!

I love the kiddo checking out the progress!