Monday, December 31, 2007


I got a really fun new calendar this weekend. Actually Marcia found it, I looked several places and didn't find one. It's a Chococat calendar. Do you know Chococat? Say you do... Ok, if you don't Chococat is Hello Kitty's friend. Named for the chocolate brown nose. He even has a birthday near mine, his is May 10, I'm May 9. (go on ahead and put that on your calendar) Anyhow I love Chococat.

The calendar came with stickers. It's a full 12x12 sheet of them. I decided to use them tonight on cards. I also got some goodies from the "Dollar Spot" at Target, so you may see some of that stuff here too.

The first two cards were inspired by two different cards I saw this weekend on two different blogs. One of the cards was this one. I love the drawn border and how it leads into a stamped image. (Ok, her's is handwritten, and it's unfair that people have handwriting like that) Kristina has a video of her making that card by the way. That is just adorable! It is really cool to watch someone make cards. (I'm new to her blog and I'm loving it!) The second card is this one. Lauren's cards are always adorable and what I liked about this was how she worked a lot of elements into the smaller space, but the card is not super busy because she left a lot of "white" space too. (Kristina has nice white space too, but I want to include Lauren's because it really did directly lead to me getting up and making this card. Lots to learn from both ladies though.)
be happy stamp is SU, white gel pen by SU, patern paper is cut from a card front from the Target Dollar Spot, dot stamp is by SU, ribbon from the Target Dollar Spot, sticker from my calendar
be happy stamp by SU, tombow marker for inking the stamp and drawing the line, patern paper cut from card front of card found in Target Dollar spot, ribbon came on an order of stamps sent to me from justjohanna, sticker from my calendar
birthday wishes stamp by Green Grass Rubber Stamps, patern paper cut from card front of card found in Target Dollar Spot, ribbon from stash, sticker from my calendar, the black circle cut with coluzzle.
don't tell the other cards, but this one is my favorite! happy birthday stamp by Green Grass Rubber Stamps, ribbon by SU, patern paper cut from card front of a card found in the Target Dollar Spot, sticker from my calendar, black circle cut with Coluzzle.

I thought this would be fun to show you as well. This is a huge magnet memo board. (you get it at the Costco *wink*) that I have in my stamp area. All these cards are NOT mine. They have been sent to me by my tons of online friends. I love you guys! I love seeing all your cards every day.


Kathy said...

This is so cute, my daughter loves Hello Kitty (as do I)

Jessica said...

Way cute, I'd never heard of Chococat, but now I'm in the know! Great blog too, first time here!

Jen said...

Those are so stinking cute!!! Love that cat!

Heather Grow said...

Cute cards. I think you and I were on the same wavelength with the T Dollar spot. I am loving all the fun, crafting stuff there right now.

Emilia said...

this is cute! I used to love love sanrio's products a lot!

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, I love the kitty! Beautiful work!
Sandra Evertson

Debbie said...

Cute cards, cute kitty.

yuki-chan said...

that is sooooo kewl!! XD how does she do it?