Friday, December 14, 2007

busy busy busy

I'm to busy to stamp! Oh the horror!

I did find a few minutes to go the LSS and pick up a few things, look:

The stamps are by Great Impressions. As part of their Stamp of the Month program. If you look on their site it lists this as the October stamp. Not sure what's up with that, but honestly I love this one best of all so I don't care. If you look here you will see a bunch of samples with this stamp. The snow village is also by Great Impressions, and it's wicked cute. So the snowmen are the actual "Stamp of the Month" so I got them at 50% off! Awesome!

If you are not jealous yet, I got the snow village and the copics at 20% off because of the once a month discount my LSS gives. AND the copics are only 3.99 at my LSS which I think is a pretty good price anyhow. So yea, I have an awesome store! I've mentioned that right?

I bought these copics because I have both copics and prismacolors. Guess what? My prismacolors are all drying out already. :( Now part of this may be my fault, I got a bunch of them in a clearance bin, they were probably old already, but some I bought fresh and they are still starting to dry out. So as they dry up I'm replacing them with copics. (Which my awesome LSS will refill for me for $1.50 a refill!)

Ok, back to work getting ready for our busy weekend!


Tejal said...

Good haul!! I wish I had a great LSS over here..I'm seriously thinking of moving out to the states!! (don't let my ma hear I said that..she'd freak out)
Love the new stamps!

colleen schaan said...

WOW...lucky you! I love those stamps. I have never seen them before! Lucky duck on the copics!