Friday, December 07, 2007

Attention all Morons

That would be me!

I made more than half of my Christmas cards with my awesome new justjohanna seasons greetings stamp.

Let's look back at one:
Click Here

Cute card, but look at the greeting one more time.

It says seasonings greetings!!!

Like it's super clever and funny to use on a cooking themed card, or with the funny "Dasher" reindeer stamps justjohanna has.

NOT for every single Christmas card though.

Let's all pretend it's a really FUNNY mistake shall we?

ETA: It's ok to laugh.. I'm laughing. :)


Jen said...

I thought your title was 'Attention all MORMONS!!!!"

So do I qualify as a moron???? LOL

Seriously, the stamp is cute, people will like it and if they don't they're dorks!

Debbie said...

I noticed and thought it was cute. You could always draw a simple little salt shaker on the card somewhere. I don't know that that really makes sense, but then you did stamp "seasonings greetings".... Cute card. LOVE the frame. :)

Linzy said...

We still love you Erin. :)

Kathi Rerek said...

It is a funny mistake and no biggie. I bet no one even notices!

They're all wonderful.

Did you really make 100 cards?

Mandy said...

Heh heh! Still cute!