Monday, December 03, 2007

You can't have everything

Well, maybe you can, but I can't! So what do I do?

I make it work. (I miss Bravo Channel, my awesome Dish doesn't have it unless I pay like twice as much)

So on this card I really wanted some scroll type accent on the bottom. Alas no scroll stamp. They sell one, but I can't have everything. (although this is a bad example, I'm sure I do indeed need a scroll stamp) Now you look at the whole card, front and back and see if you can figure out what I did to "make it work": also note I colored one dot green. Not sure why, felt like the right thing to do.
I love this for the inside, just adhere the paper to the one flap. Like a commercial card. Oh and this is just computer paper.
Did you catch it? I used the little offshoot parts of the Christmas scroll stamp as scroll accents on my card front. I've also done it before with a fish tail. (I'll do one up for you tomorrow with that trick, as the fish is adorable and the tail is especially good for accents) Oh and of course I'm using Christmas scroll as a back of the card halmark thingie, see how you can use your stamps a variety of ways?
Otherwise this card is a pretty straightforward thank you card. I'm going to use it for some of my Christmas thank you's. I hereby announce that Christmas thank you cards can be in any theme, and do not have to be all Christmasie. I'm pretty sure I'm authorized to make such a rule up. (teasing again) All the stamps here are justjohanna. I paper pieced the bird.
Have a great day!


Heather Grow said...

Great idea with the swirl thing. That's funny about the flap. Store-bought cards are like that.

Julie said...

HAHA! I beat Kim H today!!

These look the PP and the scroll as a back signer thingie!

Emilia said...

You are super smart to use the scroll!!! Amazing!

PS Kim H is not here yet?

Erin K said...

I don't think kim is coming. :( teeheehee

Kathi Rerek said...

Love 'em.

I also love the idea of using just the fish tail for scrollies.

You're brilliant!