Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That girl is so full of excuses

Guys I'm so sorry. I do care about this blog and my readers (especially you Suzi!)

It's one thing after the other. I have been sick, pregnant, sick kids, traveling husband, this week I'm getting over that stupid flu and cleaning my house a TON. (I thought it would be easier for me to have my baby shower at home because I woudln't have to drive anywhere... totally forgot that means it's ME that has to super clean her own house!)

I actually have a TON of new stamp stuff, seem to be able to find time to place some orders at least. Sigh. I AM going to make and post some stuff.

You know, soon. Or not so soon.

Anyhow thanks for sticking with me. Maybe I'll have some cool blog candy to thank you guys for still visiting even though I'm all random and rare lately. I hate random rare blogs! ugh.

In other news: No negative health reports! We are getting over that flu but doing very well. Calvin seems totally fine in there. My kids are both loving school now. (Ethan prayed his way into loving school, totally unpromted by me, I've never been so proud.) Things are going well.


Janet Z said...

Your family and everyone's health is the most important thing. Take care of you!

Anonymous said...

Hope you all feel better soon! Hugs and Love!

Linzy said...

Glad you're all healthy for once! I still check your blog daily. :) Hope you have fun at your shower!