Friday, September 24, 2010

Flu season strikes

So this week me, Ethan and Stephen all have come down with what appears to be the flu. It's like a super bad cold, with cough and low fever. I seem to be the worse. I sent Ethie to school today but felt guilty after I left. I made them swear they would call me if he appeared sick. I don't know that they would call though.

I did have a parent teacher conference with Stephen's teacher. She was already in the know about his being crazy smart. She has him in a table group with other really smarty pants kids. She's also getting him tested for gifted at midterm. If that goes well he will be in gifted starting with 1st grade. She said he doesn't appear to be having any issues like that he's getting bored and causing problems. She will keep an eye on it. The thing is he's having a TON OF FUN so we don't want to move him out or anything. Plenty of time to be a huge nerd later, be a happy Kindergardner now!

Brian is in town and healthy. That's a relief. No more travel for him until after the baby comes.

I am supposed to have friends over for dinner Sunday but may have to cancel. I'm bummed, I know we were all looking forward to it. And I'll have to cook one way or another, why not still have them. I can't decide.

My car battery died. Not that I'm up to going anywhere anyhow. Turns out we have had that battery for 6 years. I guess they just die sometimes. Brian said he would take care of it after work tonight. He had this illness a few weeks ago, he knows how I'm feeling.

Well that is all my excuse for no new cards. All I do is sleep. It's sorta best that me and the boys got it at the same time. They are low energy right now which works for me.


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Anonymous said...

So you are all so sick, take care E! MMST!