Monday, September 20, 2010

Mojo Monday 157

So I've followed Mojo Monday blog forever. I've done some of the older sketches just for fun. But this was the first Monday that I've ever seen it and said, "I'm going to get up RIGHT NOW and kick out that sketch". For an added challange I decided to make the sketch with stuff I had on my desk. Roniece pointed out that when you have this luciousness on your desk calling that a "challange" is a bit unfair, but whatever! Honestly my desk is a rare mess and I have all sorts of awesome junk on it. This stuff is from this month's Scarlet Lime kit. No stamping either! Breaks my heart sometimes to make cool cards with no stamping.

In other news:
I feel good just tired. I know I've mentioned this tiredness before, this won't likely be the last time I mention it either. Today I'm VERY irritable. There are a variety of personal reasons for it, but I'm coping. One lame reason is that for some reason no mail delivery Saturday OR today! What the heck is that about! And I AM expecting a package or two! LAME.
I'm thinking of taking Ethie out of preschool. Did anyone quit preschool and if so what are your feelings on it? I think I can get more done with him in way less time and his social skills are fine. And he hates it. Apparently he cried all day today. But he cried quietly so it didn't disturb anyone so they didn't call me or mention it. He said you only get in trouble if you cry loud so he just cried quietly. Can you imagine how that makes me feel? I'm going to give it a bit longer but if he doesn't start improving in his work OR enjoying it more I'm pulling him.
Stephen's math is still an issue at school. I emailed the teacher asking for an appointment and mentioning the issue but the mail got returned as undeliverable. I don't know how else to reach her. I guess I'll put a note in the bag and ask for an appointment. If you don't read facebook the problem is that Stephen is REALLY advanced in math. Like crazy advanced. So because of this he is having trouble focusing on the math at school because they are counting up to 6. Stephen does multiplication, simple algebra, adding fractions, negative numbers and add and subtract up to two digit numbers. So "count the worms and color in blocks to show how many there are" isn't really keeping his interest. I can keep doing math at home, that's fine, but if that's the case I need his teacher to at least know what's up. Maybe she can give him some other worksheets or something? I am not going to NOT teach him the math he asks about though. "What if a number is LESS than zero, how do we work with that number" I'm not going to say, "You don't, you are 5, you count to 6 and stop asking me silly questions" I'm going to say, "here we go" and draw a number line and show how it can go below zero and how we put little negative signs on those and such.
Anyhow school is frustrating in a lot of ways. Stephen does LOVE his school though, and he adores his teacher. I mean hero worships her really. If she could give him some good math worksheets he might not ever want to come home! haha.


Julee (Vervegirl) said...

This is just beautiful! Love the yellow flowery goodness! Thanks for playing along with Mojo Monday!

Ashley Lydia said...

you definately nailed the sketch! awesome card, I love everything about it! Hope your sons preschool situation gets better!! And thats awesome that your older son loves math !! he sounds very SMART!

ANway come check out my blog i am having a blog giveaway prize, but it ends on friday =)


Mrs.B said...

Love it quote, the colors...all of it!