Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh look, another post. The card that had to be made

So I bought this HUGE Sugarplums kit from All That Scraps the other day. I want you to know this was, at $46.80 the single most expensive stamp set I've ever purchased. But it is SO CUTE. I've been wanting a few Sugar Plums for a while and this way I got a bunch! Anyhow when I saw it I knew I'd make this very card: I'm going to color it tomorrow. But I had to show you how it's looking so far now. I drew in the hardwood floor. I'm going to color it with watercolor pencils. I'm really happy that it come out the way it looked in my head.

I also took the time to make a post it note mask for each and every kid in the set. So anytime I want to have them sitting on something I don't have to ask myself it it's worth the time to make a mask for them.

The only thing about this set that's a bummer is that there is only 1 boy in the 6 kids. I mean two boys would have been enough. Why just one? :( Course the girls are all adorable, it will be ok.

In tiny other news:
Stephen told me he likes Music class at school more than Art class at school. I find this to be a huge failure in my parenting. I mean loving math best is one thing but music? Sorry kiddo, but there is nothing in your genetics to suggest you have any future in that area.

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