Sunday, September 05, 2010

Christmas Girl

I am totally in love with the SU set Greeting Card Kids. The old fashioned look to these sweet kids is just darling. For this one I used some glitter on the tree and flocking on the white parts of her outfit. I also used a million red jewels. I also love these colors. That blue is delicious. In Other News:
Water Dog, our salamander died yesterday. Oddly I was on facebook yesterday joking about what a lame pet he was. I feel badly about that now. He was kinda cool. I don't think salamanders make great pets though. They don't play or cuddle or anything. They should just be in the wild. Anyhow Water Dog was a pet that Brian and I got when we were first married. We have had him over 10 years. He was super cute, looked like he was smiling all the time.
I just told the boys that he is dead. They are a little bummed. They are excited that now we can fill the tank up and get a second fish. About a year ago we got two little feeder fish to see if WD would eat them. He promptly ate one and then never ate the second. Eventually we named the second one "Norm" and started feeding and caring for it. So now Norm is alone and will need a friend. Anyhow the kids are torn between being sad for Water Dog and happy to get a new fish.
I feel weird. Kinda guilty. I don't know, 10 years is a long time for a salamander in captivity. And what could I have done? I hope he died peacefully. I hope he kinda enjoyed his life. I know he was well fed the whole time, that's really all I could do for him.

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Thanh Vo said...

Sorry to hear of your salamander :(