Sunday, October 03, 2010

Baby Shower photos

Yesterday was my baby shower! It was super fun and I think everyone had a good time. I got gobs of presents for Calvin, diapers, clothes, fun toys. :) The food was delicious. Savin made her famous egg rolls *swoon*. Right after the party Brian and I went in attack mode and we had it all cleaned up in less than an hour, so now I'm in a perfectly clean house, with a fridge stocked with all my favorite foods as leftovers! How awesome is that?

So here are photos. I want you to pay especial attention to the horrible look on my face in some of them. I'm not sure what to say! Let's all just laugh about it and remember me at cuter times. In this next set it looks like I'm horrified of Ethan doesn't it? I am NOT horrified of Ethan, I love him to pieces.
This set has pictures of the decorations and food. Yup, those are CamiCakes. Jealous? Everyone loved them. I had ordered everyone's choice of flavor and made pics to label them.
Here we are playing that game where there is a melted candybar in a diaper and you have to figure out what kind of candybar it is. (and it looks like poop) Ewwwwww. This game scared me because Stephen was home and the candy bars all had peanut. We handled them like they were rat poision after the game was done. Oh I'm also getting some adorable shoes for baby Calvin in this set! SHOES for babies are soooo cute. Silly but cute.
Well that's all for photos. We had such a fun time. Well I did at least.
After all this we went down to St. Augustine to see Brian's mom and Gram. they didn't get to come up because they have been sick. We brought them some party food and their cupcakes. They gave us bunches of presents. Some for Calvin, but some just for us! Fun. Then we went to a pizza place (yum) and the outlet mall. I finally bought the size and stuff of my bowl for my Kitchen Aid mixer and got a pouring shield for it. Brian got three pairs of jeans, his were ratty.
At the Bass outlet there was a pair of boots. I desperately want black dressy boots that go to my knees. I feel that no other item of clothing can make me happier. But I have HUGE calfs. It's all muscle, but they are really thick. So high boots never zip over them. But last night this pair DID. And they looked HOT. A few ladies trying on clothes gathered around to discuss the hotness. I want them SO BADLY. Alas they were $60 and Brian, voice of reason that he is, talked me out of them. I feel kinda ill about it. I've had buyers remorse, but never "not buying remorse". If I keep dreaming about them I'm going to have to just go get them. They were so cool!


christie said...

Great pictures!! Looks like you had a great time and all of your party favors turned out terrific!!!!!

shadoob said...

You are one of the sweetest and cutest gals I've ever seen. I hope you get your boots.

Mrs.B said...

love the blocks of do you do it?