Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stephen's card and a personal challange

First up is Stephen's card from the Sketch Challange a few weeks back. He loves doing those sketches. This card he calls "Party chicken" Dan you see the really lightly stamped party chicken up there near the sky? Interesting note: Almost all Stephen's cards lately are trifold cards. He learned this "Taco fold" watching his teacher fold letters. He's actually quite good at getting a really straight tri fold. Something I'll be sure to remember next time I need to send out a pile of letters. ;) So I'm doing a double personal challange. Ready?

No more buying lego OR craft stuff for the rest OF THE YEAR. Now this sounds crazy but I'm having a baby in a few weeks. I know I'll be busy and tired. Also my boys have asked the grandparents for lego, so I'm sure they will get plenty for Christmas. And I have TONS of craft supplies already. I mean I have sets and sets that I've barely used. I have about 15 refills for my adhesive gun still. I have about 8 feet of cardstock stacked up. I don't NEED anything. I love to buy, it's super fun, but I'm going to see if the buying is my addiction or if the crafting is.

Oh in other news!:
I really wanted this kind of baby carrier wrap thing I see sometimes. Couldn't figure out what it was called. "It wraps around, thin material, sort of makes an "x" your baby goes in the front, weight even on your back so it doesn't hurt" Wasn't cutting it. My family tried to find such a crazy thing. They could not. Because of my lame description. But my good friend Savin knew exactly what I wanted! She bought me a Moby Wrap at Target of all places last week! I LOVE IT! I came right home from church (where she gave it to me) and wrapped several sized stuffed animals in it. It's so comfortable. I had a sling the over the one sholder type, but it always hurt my back if I wore it for any length of time. This wrap is so nice!
I also bought a pack of binkies for Calvin. I guess I'm ready. I cleaned out the purse I'm using as a diaper bag and stocked it with diapers and wipes. OH you know what I don't have any of? Diaper rash cream. I'll have to get a tub. (Do they have it at the hospital for me to steal?)

ETA: I do have a SU order on it's way to me... That doesn't count! I mean starting with new purchases!

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Linzy said...

Tell Stephen super cute card! I did the same thing as you-quit buying supplies. Turns out, I was addicted to the shopping and not the card making. Haven't touched stamps since begining of March. I miss it sometimes, but then I think of how bad I would want all of the latest and greatest stuff and it's just not worth it to me. I need to see off most of my stuff and keep just the bare necessitites. BTW-we only give out tiny little sample packets of A&D ointment at our hospital and only if the baby has a rash so you're prolly on your own there. ;)