Thursday, October 14, 2010

sweet friend

Today's card uses more of my new There She Goes stamps. Have I mentioned I'm a bit addicted to TSG lately? I decided to keep this card super clean and simple. I colored the flowers with orange then shaded in with some red copic marker. Cut it down, stamped a greeting and mounted on black. Added some pearls and done.

Funny story: I showed the boys how to do this blending with copics. I use an acrylic board and scribble the darker color on it, then pick up a bit on my lighter marker and use that to shade. So I show all this to the boys. Am I daft? Now they have no interest in their 100 crayola markers, they want their own copics. They are 4 and 5. Copics are $4 each. Um... NO. I told them to try to do some shading with the crayola ones. I may be mean but I don't even let them use the copics. I mean I did buy them one HUNDRED crayola markers! Stephen also mentioned to me the other day that the quality of white cardstock he has isn't cutting it. Which is likely becaue I gave him all the el cheapo cardstock I had as I only use high end. I'm breeding craft snobs!

Had my 37 week baby appt today. Everything is fine. Kinda boring report, but a good one! My dr thinks I'll go all the way to 40 weeks. I'm shocked, I've never gone all the way. Of course no one knows when a baby will come. I just want to get through this weekend. I have several fun things planned. After that I'm good with whenever.

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