Sunday, October 03, 2010

Treats and clean!

I had to jump on the bandwagon and get some of those 1x8inch bags to make treats in. Here is my first one. I am thinking I'll give these out this Halloween. (Or Brian will, I'll likely be having a baby or so huge and tired of being pregnant that I'll just laze in bed.) I used leftover Jelly Belly candies from my baby shower. I only had enough for this handful of them, clearly I'll be needing more candy. This ADORABLE stamp is one of the new ones I got from There She Goes stamps. LOVE IT.
ETA: Sorry I forgot the link to the tube bags! HERE is where I got them. They shipped super quick. Shipping was 4.95 for 100 or 400, I got 400 of them. Seemed like an ok shipping for that many, but lame shipping for just one pack of 100. Gotta justify that shipping you know. They also hold m&m's, skittles and decorated pens well accoring to the girls on splitcoaststampers.
Also I thought I'd share pictures of my craft room as it's clean for now:
It hasn't changed in a while really so you may not see much difference. I'm really happy with this arrangement. I've kept this basic arrangement for several years and don't have any plans to change.
None of the sports stuff is mine. We all share this room as a hobby room. Brian collects sports crap and the kids have a little craft table and their own craft supplies organized on the other side of my desk. (I need to show that to you, It's pretty cute)
The shiny gift bag you can barely see on the bottom left of the second photo is STUFFED full of stuff I cleared out when I cleaned. Tomorrow on Facebook I'm going to sell that stuff. I arranged it in 9 "lots" or sort of related groupings. The prices are going to be pretty cheap, I'm trying to get rid of this stuff. All the money goes to Brian's TV fund. We have never had a new TV, all hand-me-downs or thrift shop ones. Ours is on it's last leg, so it's time to enter adulthood and buy our own TV. (Because none of our family happens to be upgrading right now.) He really wants one of those new flat ones in 42inches. He never really wants big stuff like that so I'm giving all the money from selling my stamps to the TV fund. I mean I watch TV too so it's not totally altruistic, although I would be happy with a tiny TV I don't really care. I'm sure I'll enjoy a nice big one though.
See how nice I am not using the money for the "zip up to my knees" boots? I'm such a nice wife. He should buy me boots to thank me. haha.

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Linzy said...

If you have any Bellas, I want 'em, Erin! :) I'm not sure if I'll be on FB tomorrow since I'm working tonite and will be sleeping... You're right, you deserve the boots! :)