Monday, September 07, 2009

Thrifty Remake

A few months ago my mom was in town and we did some thrift store shopping. I found the cutest green skirt. But it never really fit right. Now I'm not above not zipping the last two inches of a skirt if it LOOKS right under my shirt and all, but this one just didn't. I kinda knew this was going to happen, but the skirt was 75cents and I loved the print. I had some plans to cut it up for something.

At Christmas my mom gave me a HUGE amount of cool sewing stuff. Notions, fabrics, just tons of stuff. Included were these cool purse handles. I wasn't sure I'd like working with them, but I wanted to try.

Saturday morning I tried yet again to wear the green skirt. It didn't work. In a fit of discust I took it right to the sewing room. (I'm in my underwear here now.) and started making this purse. It took until yesterday to work out all the kinks, get it to open right, get a snap closure in and a lining.
I actually love it! I'm not sure what I'll DO with it. I have a ton of purses. But it's so cute. I know for one thing that I'll be making a toss in little zipper purse to go with it. Other than that I'm not sure. Will I try to sell it on Etsy? Give it for a Christmas gift? I dunno.


Anonymous said...

This totally rocks! I love it! I would give it as a Christmas gift! WINK WINK! te he he!

Suzi said...

LOVE IT!!! I would NEVER have thought of turning a skirt into a purse. Do you realize I will NEVER throw out clothes again?? I will end up in a house buried under all the clothes I'm going to save for sewing projects & A&E will end up doing a program about me. I'll be famous but crazy. Not where I saw my life going....

Anyway, did you EVER put clothes back on or did you make the entire thing nekked???