Monday, September 07, 2009

Girl Math

I want the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse boxed set. I have the later books but I need the early ones.

I looked at it today at the bookstore. Full price at $55.95. I knew I could get it cheaper on Amazon.

Enter Girl Math:

Price at bookstore 55.95 plus tax of 3.92 is $59.87

Amazon price, with free shipping and no tax: $30.76

Now for the first step in Girl Math, rounding:

Store price rounds to $60
Amazon price rounds to $30
*please note prices always round in Girl's favor*

So getting the book on Amazon is a savings of $30, which is like getting the set FREE.

So as you can see the books are pretty much free when I factor in savings!

And to think that chick at the bookstore seriously thought she was going to convince me to buy her discount card! With my disregard for math I don't need any stinking discount card!

Oh and I didn't even factor in the value of having it delivered. I mean when large trucks pull up to my home and men get out and bring me packages... they way I feel about that... don't tell my husband. haha

ps, this whole post is a joke. I will get the books on Amazon, I'm aware they are not really free.

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Peggy said...

Erin I enjoy your blog and love to see what you are up to! From sewing to making cards, thrifting and entertaining your boys!