Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labels 2 cards

I recently won this Nestabilities set. Isn't it pretty cool.

I decided to make three cards with it, using basicly the same layout, just changing the image and the colors. The above card is a little greeting card with a Stamping Bella image. And some pretty durn big flowers.
Next I have Tyson and the smaller turtle from Baby Love, both by Cornish Heritage Farms. I drew eyelashes on the smaller turtle, so she can be a girl. 'Cuz they are in love. The tiny hearts are by Odd Bird Planet. LOVE those hearts. The LoVe word is by Papertrey it's from Mega Mixed Messages, which I expect will be my most used set ever.

I think this is my favorite one. This girl is one of my favorite stamps. She's also by Stamping Bella. The greeting here is from Mega Mixed Messages too.
It was really fast to make these three cards because I didn't have to think about layout much, I picked it once then just kept making cards.

This weird ribbon ball is going to be made into a ribbon topiary by my BFF Roniece. Turns out it takes FOREVER to make ribbon balls and an obscene amount of ribbon. This one ball took 500 pins and each ribbon length (500 of them) was about 4 inches long. So sheesh. Sure is pretty though.
In other news:
I think I have strep. Now background, whenever my throat hurts I think I have strep. It's a special kind of issue I have. But I might be going to the Dr tomorrow about this "strep" it hurts. Also Brian is out of town all week then all week again next week. I can't do two weeks alone with strep and crazy children. So whatever is going on in my throat has one day to get past itself then I'm taking it to the Dr's office.
Also I got a letter home from S's school. Just a newsletter, no big deal. They have the cutest leaf clipart on it though. They have faces, one goofy, one laughing, one... well, I think he's seductive. His little eyebrows are wiggling and he has a little smirk on his face. But the best thing is that the school newsletter has a section on stuff they need for the school. They need Sidewalk Chalk. We have a lifetime supply of that crap. Everyone gives it to my kids. Brian and I hate it because it ends up in the pool all the time. So I'm excited that at least one pack will find a new home tomorrow.


Carolina said...

Love them all!

Miss you chica


TJ said...

So pretty! I love the colors of course ...