Monday, September 14, 2009

Four Sheets

Ok first. I know this has been shown before but people still ask all the time. I wish you could all come over and see in person. The left side kraft cardstock is Papertrey Ink. The right side is Stampin' Up!. The Papertrey has more flecks. It's closer to grocery bag colored. But it's actually quite smooth, not textured like a paper bag. The SU! has less flecks and is a different color. I think I like the PTI better, it seems richer in color. But they both rock. (and yes, my finger nails are cool carribean, it's taken me all this time to fine polish this color.)
So I pulled four sheets of cardstock. Red, brown, kraft, and Aqua Mist. (the red, brown and kraft might have fancy names, but I know the Aqua Mist's name.) All Papertrey Ink paper. Of course any company would work.
Then I pulled out one stamp set, I choose Star Prints by Papertrey Ink.
I also pulled Vivid Dark Red ink and Versafine Vintage Sepia inks.
Finally I pulled out some Aqua Mist ribbon (PTI) and Red and Brown ribbon, both from the wedding section at Target, they have some yummy ribbon there. Also a few little jewls.
Then I used the supplies, mixing and matching to make the following four cards.

And all that took just a few moments and made 4 different fun CAS cards. (Clean And Simple) I'm on a huge CAS kick by the way.
In other news:
Check out THIS POST by Lord Have Mercy. I've never been terribly organized but this has me wanting to RACE to Target and grab up a planner and some colored pens (because surely none of my million colored pens would do) and do this. I mean I have card stuff, quilting stuff, husband who travels a lot, church stuff, a kid in school with school stuff... I could use a planner right? A color coded one that I can also put card sketches and stuff in. I think this post is the most inspiring blog post of the day for me. Check out Mercy's whole blog, it's one of the best ones out there. As I'm sure you know, she's sort of a big deal.
Do you know what Soto Softies are? If so guess what?? She has PATTERNS now! For the Bat and the Penguin! SWOON. I'm seriously considering getting both. I can't afford them right now. I mean they are cheap, I'm just broke. (and may have a planner to buy) But I still am thinking about it. No one wants to buy them for me and I'll make the animals for you do they? (kidding, sorta)


Anonymous said...

Oh Erin these are so fun! I love how they clean and simple they are! You crack me up!

Mercy said... are so precious, kiddo! thanks for the shout out! i have been keeping planners like that for a little over two years, and it makes everything so much easier! i, too, had to go get new pens and highlighters b/c the ones i already had at home were just not good enough! LOL!

i am so glad that i could be an inspiration to you, sweetie! good luck!