Saturday, September 19, 2009

Green Numbers Bib

I need to make an applique cupcake bib for my BFF's niece's first birthday. Easy Peasy right? Cept, I've never made a bib. Never even set a snap. I googled and found THIS easy peasy pattern from Chickpea Sewing Studio. It took about twenty minutes to make this bib: Oh and turns out snaps are CRAZY easy to set. I officially love snaps.
I ironed on vinyl to the numbers fabric to make it so a mom can wipe it off. Then the backing is actually two layers of green sheet from ikea. I did two layers because it was kind of a cheap sheet and I thought if something breeched the iron on vinyl layer it would be good to have an extra layer.
It's not perfect. I'm not a perfect seemstress. I'm ok with that. It's super cute. I'm off to find a baby that needs it.

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