Friday, September 18, 2009


I've made some mid-year crafting resolutions.

1. No more Tree Stamps. I mean it can HAVE a tree, but I can't buy the set FOR the tree. So Scene-It sets by Cornish Heritage Farms are ok, but "Summer Trees" set isn't. Unless I decide I need it for the grill... I could find I need a grill. The point is I have a LOT of tree stamps.

2. No more quilt magazines. I love quilts. I love quilting. I pretty much love the same quilts over and over though. This is me in a quilt magazine, "neat, but not for me, Hmm, that's pretty hard looking, stunning but not for me." and so on. Anyhow it's not a big deal, they are lovely, but I don't USE them for anything. So no more.

3. Have fun online. Join challanges, participate in discussions that are fun to me. But if it's not fun or inspiring it's a waste of time and stop doing it.

4. Actually mail cards to people. I used to be so good about this, every month I did all the birthdays and other cards to family and friends just because. My grandmother, who I barely knew apparently cherished those cards. I had NO IDEA because she never called or wrote me. I assumed she didn't really care. It hurts to think that for her last few years I didn't do anything anymore and it could have ment something to her. I'd hate to have that happen with someone who actually DOES recprocate my interest in them.

5. No more swaps. I'm not sure why but I get an unreasonable amount of stress from swaps. It's not put upon me, it's my own doing. But I have tried for these 8 years now to deal and I can't. So I'm not a swapper anymore. I THINK this includes Doll Quilt Swap. Which I just discovered, and is very cool, but REALLY stresses me out. (I'm way out of my league there.)

6. Leave comments. I read hundreds, yes truly, hundreds of blogs. I don't commit to comment on everything, but I will comment more. I SO enjoy the comments I get. I want other people to get to enjoy mine. And I see some truly inspiring stuff every single day. On blogs and on Splitcoast galleries. I'm going to be come a commenting fool. :)

That's about it. Thanks for listening.


TJ said...

This all sounds completely reasonable EK! I did swaps a couple of times too ... STRESS! So I stopped. It's good to let go of the little things in your life that cause stress and nothing more. It's even better to go back to the little things in life that brought you or someone you love joy! Good for you!

Kay said...

And so, inspired by your last comment, I'm leaving a comment. I read your blog regularly, but I don't know if I've ever commented. so now I did!

angela said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my quilt. I love your resolutions! You may want to allow your email to attach to your comments - especially if you're going to comment more :) That way we can reply directly to you.

Thanh said...

Mail me a card. Leave me comments! lol