Sunday, September 06, 2009

Paperworks Halloween Vampire Octopus

I am in serious stamper love with PaperWorks Co. They have the MOST ADORABLE animal stamps. But even better. They have an OCTOPUS! He is so happy and friendly and Kawaii and cute.

But I need Halloween cards. I mean "need" is maybe not the right word but it's what I want to work on. So I vamped the Ollie up a bit. Now he's a Vampire Octopus. (I want to make sure that if anyone googles Vampire Octopus they end up here. I mean unless there is other Vampire Octopus stuff out there, I'd better check on that.) I don't know who makes the "Happy Halloween" stamp. It was in some unmounted grab bag I got a a stamp show a few years ago. I asked the ladies and they didn't know who made it either. *sigh* I'm on this kick right now of making the insides of my cards cute too. It's not just me, it's very trendy right now.
Not to give the octopus all the action I used my one Halloween stamp image to make a card too. This guy is unbelievably cute too. He reminds me of Little Baby Mummy from Where's My Mummy. This book is a current favorite at our home.
In other news: Paper Works Co. came out with words to go with all their cute animals. I mean in case you don't look at an octopus and think "Oh, Halloween!" They have cute punny animal sayings for all three sets. (Sealife, jungle life, savana life) I hope they keep coming out with tons more sets. I know I'd like to see a Halloween set with a happy bat, a cat, a pumpkin, and a skeliton.
Speaking of holidays. Why are penguins accepted as Christmas animals? They don't live at the North Pole (don't get me STARTED on using penguins and polar bears together!). They are stinking adorable but not particularly festive. I don't really get it. It's cold down there. Is that enough? If something is cold it's Christmas? Because it's really cold in the ocean. Octopode live in the ocean. I demand Festive Christmas Octopus Stamps.


Anonymous said...

HOW STINKING CLEVER are you!!!!!! I love the vampire octopus! You rock! Love how you are doing the insides! I see I need to step up my game :)

TJ said...

Was the octopus already angry or did you do his eyebrows to make him LOOK angry/scary? Either way ... love it and the little mummy. I love CAS!