Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Promotion (Miracle Tape)

So adhesive. If you are a papercrafter you need some good adhesive right? But you hate to spend tons of money on it right?

Well I use the fab ATG by Scotch for most of my normal adhesion. I think that has been talked to death on the message boards so I'll leave it be. I do like it.

But I use something else too. Which I LOVE. Miracle Tape. Miracle Tape is double sided tape. It's STRONG. As strong as that "red liner tape" that is so popular in my opinion. And WAY cheaper. I get it HERE at Viva Las Vegastamps. Seriously it's great. the rolls have 50 YARDS on them. I think that red liner crap has like 15 FEET. The reason I bring it up today is that I got an email from Vivia Las Vegastamps and there is a special on it! I've bought this special before. I'm not buying it this time because I still have plenty left! But Here is the special. It is a TON of adhesive. Including the sheets which are SO fun. I like to do an image, color it and all, then cover it with one of the sheets of adhesive then dump clear glitter over the whole thing. Maybe I'll make a sample of that later.

Also I used this for years before I got into ATG. The ATG is cheaper over time, but this stuff is really affordable and very strong. Also if you are freaked out by the size of ATG or anything then Miracle tape may be easier for you to use.

So there you have it, a random promotion by me.


dana said...

I am a notive stamper/scrapper, but I use double adhesive tape for all sorts of projects. So is this the Duct Brand in a red despenser?

Did you buy the large ass't special--sounds like a great buy, plus you get the despenser and some sheets, too.
Let me know when you can.

LOVED your creepy cakes! That reminds me, I was (AM) going to make cuppy cakes for my 2 1/2 yr. old gr. girl---taking them to her house tonight! She's gonna be Abby Caddaby!

Happy HWeeeeeeeeen!!! dana

Erin K said...


It's WAY stickier than the duct brand red dispenser stuff. And cheaper too.

Yes, I got the large asst special. I love the stuff. :)