Friday, October 10, 2008

Alphanumeric bag.

A friend of mine is doing Weight Watchers. She lost 10% of her weight. At Weight Watchers you get something like a keychain or a bookmark for that. I felt that did NOT properly celebrate the occasion. So I made her a cute purse!
I am OBSESSED with fabric covered buttons.
Inside has two pockets with red alphabet fabric.
And this rad thing that you can hook your keys on so you don't have to dig for them. (look at my fat leg, I need to take inspiration and join WW or a gym too!)
This stitching is the green color from the numbers. Also there is a tiny pleat on either side of the button.

In other news:

I had the BEST day yesterday. I wanted to do something fun so I called my very good friend Lani and asked if she would go to Old Green Cupboard with me. She said yes. WEll first I picked her up at her house and looked at her AWESOME sewing room. Then we went to OGC and I got fabrics for Doll Quilt Swap 5 which I'm REALLY excited to be in. Wanna see?
I'm not totally sure what I'm doing, I have two ideas in mind. One involves piecing a cat shape, one involves embroidery. I LOVE these fabrics though. I hope my partner does too.
Then lunch, then back to Lani's house. She let me go through all her TONS of boxes of fabric. Half the time I said, "oh this is cute" she said, "You take that". It was magical. She also lent me a HUGE stack of books/magazines and I can take more when I return these, like my own quilt library. So wanna see what I got? (sorry the pics are bad You'd think I live in the Pacific NorthWEst with all this rain these few days)
This stuff is precut for the cat quilt pattern shown. I'm going to sew it for a mutual friend of Lani and mine. Then we will give it to her as a gift from us.

I might make my DQS5 with a shrunk version of this pattern. I'm not sure though. I wish I was in 5 mini quilt swaps. I have too many ideas.

In OTHER other news we went though our Christmas list and figured out what we have to buy/make. I have two people on my list who are IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. I won't name names. But if you are in my family and usually get crappy gifts from me it's because you are impossible! So besides those two people we figured everything out and I have a lot of sewing to do! Also our family has the lack of consideration to have their birthdays right during the Holiday Season. The nerve of some people! So the point is this, I won't be able to show you EVERYTHING I make. :(


Kim H. said...

WOW What a super duper sweet purse! What a lucky gal!

Look at all that yummy fabric and those cute patterns!

Good luck with making Christmas gifts! I need to get started on mine making some too!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

You are amazing. This is a beautiful purse and what a thoughtful gorgeous way to celebrate your friends achievement! You ROCK! :O)

TJ said...

She will LOVE this Erin! I just started WW and you have all this "stuff" to tote around with you and go to the meetings. This adorable little purse will be just right for all her WW "stuff"! You're a sweetie!