Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My craft room. (and some WIP)

First up some WIP (work in progress)
I'm making these paper pieced hexagons all the time, while kids play at parks, while Brian drives and we are in the car, while watching TV. I want a huge hexagon quilt some day. Here are some of my favorite ones:Here they are in a cute basket. A basket or bucket of anything is cute. I did get all the bad stitching out of the quilt. I've not put any good in yet though. Too bummed still. I WILL do it, just not just now.
And here is my craft room. I consider this clean by the way, although there are some things on the floor. That dry erase board I have clinged my background stamps to. Here is my desk and iron. I share the room with the boys (the iron is NOT left on) so you can see their table, and I share it with Brian's sports garbage collection. I keep inks in that tub under my desk. I like it that way. I also love that 11x17 pad I got from Stampin Up to stamp on, doodle things and such. I've actually used most of the dirty sheets to draw my own patterns for sewing. :) Here is my sewing table. The leaf comes up when I sew and I turn the machine so I can just roll over from my desk to it. I just moved my cutting mat to this table yesterday, it's a trail. :) The kid is a constant, he's mad because he wants raisens and I was busy taking pictures. That's what's up with the green bowl, he wants "raisens in dis".
Look at this awesome embroidery art Kim sent me! You are jealous. Brian is mad I hung it not centered under that sports crap.
Here is the corner for storage. I just got the tall clear thingie yesterday. I used a rare 55% off coupon at the craft store! Oh look, it's that cute kid, someone give him raisens!
Inside of the black thing. Top two shelves are fabric. My system is that the top shelf is "weird fabric" the second is cotton. Then paper type storage stuff. And Ethan, carefully selecting supplies for his next project. Oh the glimpse of the military pic is my father.
Here is the other part. those clear magazine holder looking things all hold paper. I have TONS of paper. I go into a panic if I get low. The black/white check thing is full of my tons of zippers. The clear drawer thing under the paper is all my Odd Bird Planet stamps. I love me some Odd Bird Planet.

And there you have it. :)


Kim H. said...

Oh my those paper pieced hexagons are so cute! Looks like it is going to be an awesome quilt!

In your studio photos I think that the the sports stuff really needs to go- it just does fit in :SMILE:

Peggy said...

Looks like you know where everything is! Perfect. Are you having fun creating??

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Fun post! I love seeing peoples creation stations! Well when you do get the energy to start that quilt again I will be waiting to watch the progress. Who would have ever thought I would love learning about quilts!!

Juanita said...

Did that adorable little kid ever get his raisins?
I like your crafting space. Mine is much smaller, but I inch out every day....

Tami Bayer said...

Love seeing the creative space you work in Erin. Your hexagons are adorable!

Valerie said...

I loved peeking in to your craft area. I had a sewing/craft room but my son moved back in so I had to move it upstairs. I am in the process of organizing a closet for my sewing area. I think it is going to look good. Of course, not as good as a whole room though. I have really enjoyed your blog.

Net said...

Thanks for the tour of your craft area! I love seeing how other people store all their crafting bits.

Your hexagons look gorgeous! I wish I could make a hexagon quilt but I have no patience for paper piecing.